Robert Christie

Prompt: Respond to the word “Honesty".

Honesty is an important concept in Robert Christie’s work. He values work/approaches that are honest; that is to say they are authentic, sincere, etc. Robert would hope to inspire artists to consider what authenticity and honesty in their own work might mean.

About: Robert Christie holds B.A. with Honors in Art, U.of S. 1968. B.Ed. U.of S. 1971. Throughout the 1970’s, he worked at the Mendel Art Gallery; taught art at Aden Bowman Collegiate; managed the Art Department Gallery (which became the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery); became a Sessional instructor and then a Lecturer in Art at the U.of S. From 1969 until around 2000, he attended numerous Emma Lake Artists Workshops as well as attending the Triangle Artists Workshops in New York and the Thapong International Artists Workshop in Gaborone, Botswana. In 1978, Robert was a founding partner in The gallery/art placement, Inc. He retired from the business in 2012. Since the early 1970s, Robert has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in both private and public art galleries. As well, his work is represented in a number of private, corporate and public gallery collections. CurrentlyRobert Christie works full-time as an artist.