Nguyen Tran

Prompt: What are the special ingredients; as a creative person and maker, what has led you to become who you are today, one who creates what you do, and one who offers their knowledge?

About: Nguyen's physical journey has taken him from

He also has a strong need to represent figures whose attributes come to him like characters in a story unfolding within him.  Each painting’s subject matter comes to him as unique to the moment of creation.  But the images when viewed together and in retrospect add to the story which his artistic life is telling.

Each work presents its unique artistic challenges to him as he strives to grow technically as an artist.  And each work also contributes a new character or characters to the story which he can only discover as he tells it through his art. This story is unfolding slowly, its meaning growing clearer as more pieces are added to the puzzle.  But he is not expecting the journey to provide any final answers.