Alexa Hainsworth 

Prompt: How do the materials we choose have surprising and experimental qualities? What associative or nostalgic feelings arise when we look at these materials?

About: Alexa Hainsworth has a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan. She produces fiber sculpture and installation environments that offer unique experiences and surprises. Hainsworth enjoys playing with materials, finding ways to manipulate and stretch them to behave in new and unexpected ways. Her works have animated qualities that give the sensation that they are living creatures.

She has shown her works in Nuit Blanche Toronto and in Saskatoon. She has won prizes in the Saskatoon Wearable Art Gala for the Jack Millikin Center. She has also shown work at the Anna Leonowen’s Gallery in Nova Scotia, the Mendel Art Gallery and participated in numerous residencies locally and abroad.

Alexa works for the Saskatchewan Craft Council. She is a member of Bridges Art Movement and in a board member of AKA Artist Run Centre. Alexa brings a wild energy to everything she does, dressing in colourful clothing to stay connected to her art practice on the daily.